Repair and Maintenance of Freezers and Refrigerators and chiller room in United Arab Emirates

Repair and Maintenance of Refrigerators and Freezers in the United Arab Emirates: Exceptional Maintenance Services by Al-Wasam Company

Refrigerators and freezers have become indispensable elements in our daily lives, playing a vital role in maintaining the ideal temperatures for food and beverage storage.

Al-Wasam, a leading expert in maintenance and repair, offers its highly efficient services in the United Arab Emirates.

Technological Innovation in Refrigerator Repair

Al-Wasam places significant emphasis on technological innovation in the repair and maintenance of refrigerators through its skilled technicians.

These technicians undergo continuous training on the latest technologies and innovations in modern refrigeration systems, ensuring quick and cost-effective identification and repair of faults.

Round-the-Clock Customer Service

Al-Wasam boasts a comprehensive customer service team available 24/7, allowing clients to easily communicate and receive immediate solutions for refrigerator and freezer problems of all types and malfunctions.

Highly Trained Technicians

Al-Wasam provides highly competent technicians for refrigerator maintenance, carefully selected and trained in the latest methods and technologies.

They speak the language of the customer and ensure the delivery of high-quality services.

Continuous Training Programs

In addition to selecting top experts, Al-Wasam offers regular training courses for its employees to keep them updated on the latest methods and technologies in refrigeration and freezer technology.

Original and Guaranteed Spare Parts

Al-Wasam supplies original factory and agent-approved spare parts at competitive prices, relying on close relationships with manufacturing companies to ensure the availability of effective and reliable spare parts.

Current Challenges in Refrigerator Repair

With technological advancements, technicians face new challenges in refrigerator repair, such as a deep understanding of software and advanced systems. Therefore, fixing refrigerator malfunctions requires expertise and a profound understanding.

Impact of Climate Variables

Al-Wasam considers the impact of climate variables on the performance of refrigeration and freezing devices, providing solutions for adapting to temperature and humidity changes.

Communication Technology and Remote Diagnostics

Remote communication technology is employed to diagnose refrigerator problems, enabling technicians to use smartphone applications to identify faults and provide advice to users.

Effective Inventory Management of Spare Parts

Al-Wasam relies on effective inventory management strategies to ensure sustainable availability of spare parts.

Contributing to Environmental Protection

Al-Wasam aims to repair refrigerators, freezers, and chillers to guide customers on the importance of environmental protection, encouraging the use of eco-friendly materials and understanding the concept of recycling.

Upgrade and Improvement Services

Al-Wasam offers various services to enhance and upgrade old refrigerators, including installing new software updates or updating parts to improve performance, efficiency, and the overall quality of older appliances.

Common Challenges in Refrigerator Failures and Their Solutions

Water Leakage

Diagnosis: Water leaks may result from broken or damaged pipes or the need to replace the door gasket.

Solution: Technicians inspect all pipes and gaskets, repairing or replacing damaged parts.

They also check and adjust the water level as needed.

Refrigerator Not Cooling

Diagnosis: Accumulation of ice in the freezer or an issue with the refrigeration compressor.

Solution: Cleaning the freezer and checking the performance of the refrigeration compressor. If a problem is found, the compressor is maintained or replaced, and refrigerant is recharged if necessary.

Unusual Noise

Diagnosis: Unusual noises may indicate problems with the cooling fan or compressor.

Solution: Technicians diagnose the source of the noise and make necessary repairs, whether by cleaning and maintaining components or replacing faulty parts with new ones.

Irregular Ice Formation

Diagnosis: Irregular ice formation in the refrigerator or freezer may be due to a temperature control issue.

Solution: Al-Wasam technicians examine temperature control devices and adjust them to the appropriate values. Replacement of the control device may also be done if there is an actual problem.

Sudden Refrigerator Shutdown

Diagnosis: Several reasons, from electrical problems to issues in the main electrical circuit, can lead to the sudden shutdown of the refrigerator.

Solution: Examination of electrical components, ensuring the safety of the electrical circuit. Al-Wasam technicians repair or replace faulty wiring and devices.

Unpleasant Odor Inside the Refrigerator

Diagnosis: Unpleasant odors are usually a result of residue accumulation in food compartments or the cooling system.

Solution: Thorough cleaning of the refrigerator using a water and vinegar solution. Filters and food compartments are regularly checked and cleaned.

Refrigerator's Frequent Failure to Cool

Diagnosis: There may be a problem with the cooling system or the level of freon gas.

Solution: Examination and maintenance of the cooling system, recharging freon gas if necessary. The condenser and evaporator are also inspected, and any necessary repairs are carried out.

Reminder: It is always advisable to contact a qualified technician for maintenance and repairs, especially in cases of major malfunctions or those requiring advanced technical skills.

Types of Modern Refrigerators and Their Repair Technology

Top-Freezer Refrigerators

Description: These refrigerators feature the freezer in the top compartment and the refrigerator in the bottom compartment.

Technology: The freezer is equipped with rapid freezing techniques and an advanced cooling system to maintain appropriate temperatures.

Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators

Description: The freezer is located in the bottom compartment for easy access.

Technology: Includes technologies for equal air distribution inside the refrigerator to maintain suitable temperatures in all sections.

French Door Refrigerators

Description: Comes with side-by-side doors that open at the middle level.

Technology: Involves effective cooling technologies, smart remote control devices, and temperature adjustment features.

Side-by-Side Door Refrigerators

Description: Characterized by side doors providing easy access to the internal content.

Technology: Features food preservation technologies for longer freshness and independent cooling systems for the freezer and refrigerator.

Built-In Refrigerator-Freezer

Description: A compact design suitable for small kitchens.

Technology: Includes humidity control and directional cooling technologies to maintain food quality.

Refrigerator-Freezer Combo Units

Description: Combines both the freezer and refrigerator side by side.

Technology: Involves directional cooling technologies and electronic control systems for precise temperature control.


 Modern Refrigerator Maintenance and Repair Services

Modern Refrigerator Repair Technology

Smart Diagnostic Techniques

Technicians utilize smart testing and diagnostic devices to quickly and accurately identify the source of problems.

Software Updates and Programming

Technicians install new software updates to enhance refrigerator performance and improve functionality.

Digital Technology in Maintenance

Digital maintenance tools and smart devices are employed to facilitate repair and maintenance operations.

Remote Communication Techniques

Technicians can use remote communication methods to diagnose issues and provide advice without the need for physical presence.

Supply of Genuine Spare Parts

Maintenance companies provide genuine spare parts to ensure repair quality and extend the lifespan of refrigerators.

Training on Latest Technologies

Technicians undergo regular training on the latest technologies and updates in the refrigeration maintenance field.

Use of X-ray and Camera Technologies

X-ray and camera technologies can be utilized to inspect refrigerators from the inside, precisely identify issues, and find quick solutions, saving time and money.

By employing these modern technologies, technicians at Al-Wasam Company can effectively perform maintenance and repair on refrigerators and freezers of all kinds, improving their performance and extending their lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Refrigerator Maintenance and Repair

Why is water leaking from inside the refrigerator?

Possible cause: Clogging or damage to the drainage hose or irregular maintenance of the door seal.

Solution: Clean the drainage hose, check the door seal, and perform regular maintenance.

Why does the refrigerator feel an increase in temperature?

Possible cause: Air intake obstruction or damage to the cooling system.

Solution: Clean the air intake, check the cooling system, and repair or replace damaged parts.

How can I avoid frost formation in the freezer?

Possible cause: Door fogging or high humidity inside the refrigerator.

Solution: Adjust the refrigerator temperature, ensure tight door closure, and minimize door opening duration.

What to do if the refrigerator is not working at all?

Possible cause: Power outage, or an issue with the condenser or internal fridge.

Solution: Check power supply, clean the condenser, and inspect the cooling system.

Why does a strange noise in the refrigerator cause disturbance?

Possible cause: Accumulation of frost or lubrication needed for moving parts.

Solution: Defrost the frost using a hairdryer and lubricate moving parts.

When should a technician be called for refrigerator repair?

Situations requiring technical assistance: Inadequate cooling, significant water leakage, unusual noise, or damage to the internal light.

Solution: In these cases, a qualified technician should be called to assess the problem and perform necessary repairs.

How to maintain optimal refrigerator performance?

Tip: Regularly clean the freezer and refrigerator, adjust the temperature, check door seals for tight closure, and avoid storing hot food directly in the refrigerator.

Refrigerator and Restaurant Freezer Maintenance Service by Al-Wasam Company

Al-Wasam Company, a leading home and commercial appliance maintenance and repair company in the UAE, offers specialized services in maintaining restaurant refrigerators and freezers.

The company recognizes the vital role refrigerators and freezers play in restaurant operations, ensuring the safety and quality of stored food.

Our services include

Periodic and Preventive Maintenance

The professional technician team at Al-Wasam provides periodic maintenance services for refrigerators and freezers, examining all parts to ensure effective performance.

Emergency Fault Repair

Understanding the critical nature of restaurant operations, we provide 24/7 emergency repair services to ensure refrigerators and freezers are back in operation promptly.

Appliance Renewal and Upgrade

The company can update and renew old refrigerators and freezers to maintain the latest technologies and improve device efficiency.

Spare Part Replacement

Supplying original and approved spare parts for refrigerators and freezers to ensure continued effective performance.

Customized Solutions

We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to restaurant needs, including designing and installing custom refrigeration systems as needed.

Emergency Service and Quick Response

Our maintenance teams are available 24/7 to handle emergencies and respond quickly to unforeseen breakdowns.

Al-Wasam Company takes pride in its extensive experience and commitment to providing the best maintenance services for restaurants and commercial establishments. The company's attention to detail and use of the latest technologies ensure reliability and effectiveness in refrigerator and freezer maintenance, contributing to the smooth and efficient operation of restaurants.


Al-Wessam Company for Maintenance, Repair, and Installation of Refrigeration and Freezing Rooms

The Wessam Maintenance Company for Household Appliances is dedicated to providing a wide range of services such as maintenance for refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, gas ovens, air conditioners, and more. One of the essential services they offer is the installation, disassembly, maintenance, and repair of central refrigeration rooms for restaurants, butcher shops, cafes, kitchens, and factories.

Refrigeration rooms have become an ideal solution for companies and industrial institutions to store and preserve their products at suitable temperatures, whether they require cooling or freezing. Any malfunction in these refrigeration or freezing rooms could lead to significant damages and losses to the stored materials.

Hence, these companies need a reliable maintenance company capable of meeting customers' needs promptly, repairing faults quickly and efficiently. The company must have technicians, experts, and repairers capable of handling such work. This is where Wessam Maintenance Company shines for repairing faults in refrigeration and freezing rooms in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in Ajman, Sharjah, and Dubai. Wessam boasts an integrated team of specialists, trained technicians qualified to solve all faults and repair them because they possess the knowledge, skills, technologies, and necessary tools for repairing all faults in refrigeration and freezing rooms, in addition to repairing household refrigerators and freezers.

Wessam Company offers its services to a wide range of customers, whether individuals needing maintenance and repair for their household refrigerators and appliances, or businesses relying on refrigerators and freezers for their daily operations.


Al-Wessam Company's Multifaceted Maintenance and Repair Services in the United Arab Emirates.

Wessam's services extend beyond refrigeration and freezing room maintenance and repair to include:

  • Gas oven maintenance
  • Electric oven maintenance
  • Washing machine and dishwasher maintenance and repair
  • Restaurant and cafe equipment maintenance
  • Installation and disassembly of household and central air conditioners
  • Installation and disassembly of refrigeration rooms
  • Maintenance and repair of household electrical appliances

In short, if you're facing any issues with your electrical appliances, whether they're household, industrial, or commercial, you need our services at Wessam Company. Contact us today for the necessary maintenance and get ready to enjoy your efficient appliances once again!

Wessam Company stands out as the best company for refrigeration and freezing room maintenance in the UAE.

At Wessam Maintenance Company for Household Appliances in Ajman, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional services for refrigeration room maintenance. We have a network of branches spread across Ajman, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, in addition to our branches in Dubai. If you need maintenance for your refrigerator or refrigeration room, feel free to contact us now, as we provide round-the-clock service throughout the week.

At Wessam, we strive to meet our customers' needs in the best possible way by offering a wide range of professional and high-quality services, including:

24/7 Service: We provide exceptional service round-the-clock, as we understand that refrigerator problems can occur at any time and require a quick solution. We cannot neglect faults that could lead to damaging the preserved materials.

Professional and Specialized Team: Our team consists of engineers and technicians trained to the highest level of efficiency and experience, possessing the necessary knowledge to deal with all types of problems in refrigeration or freezing rooms.

Advanced Technologies: We rely on the latest technologies and tools in inspection and maintenance operations to ensure the best results for our customers.

Supply and Installation of Refrigeration Rooms: In addition to maintenance and repair services, we also offer supply and installation services for refrigeration rooms at competitive prices and high-quality standards.

Periodic Maintenance and Follow-up: We provide periodic maintenance and follow-up services to ensure the efficient operation of refrigeration rooms throughout the year.

In short, at Wessam Company, we are committed to providing the best maintenance and repair services for refrigeration rooms in the UAE, ensuring customer satisfaction through service quality and attention to the details of each maintenance operation. Contact us now for superior service that fully meets your needs!


Preventive Maintenance for Refrigeration and Freezing Rooms

Refrigeration rooms in restaurants, cafes, and butcher shops play a significant role in maintaining the quality and safety of food items. This makes preventive maintenance essential to ensure the continued efficient operation of cooling systems. Preventive maintenance plays a crucial role in maintaining the performance of refrigeration rooms and avoiding problems that may lead to loss or damage to stored food items.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance for Refrigeration Rooms in Restaurants and Cafes

By utilizing preventive maintenance, restaurants, cafes, and butcher shops can benefit in several ways, including:

Reducing Repair Costs: Through preventive maintenance, potential problems in refrigeration rooms can be detected early before they develop into major issues requiring costly repairs. This helps save money in the long run and avoids emergency breakdowns that could lead to spoilage of stored items.

Ensuring Food Safety: Preventive maintenance contributes to maintaining hygiene and food safety standards by regularly cleaning and maintaining refrigeration rooms, reducing the risk of food contamination and ensuring their safety for human consumption while preserving their quality.

Improving Cooling Efficiency: By regularly maintaining cooling appliances, assurance can be gained that they operate at high efficiency, reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

Extending Equipment Lifespan: Through preventive maintenance, the lifespan of equipment, parts, and motors can be extended, avoiding the need for early replacement, saving money, time, and effort.

In summary, preventive maintenance for refrigeration rooms in restaurants, cafes, and butcher shops is not just a precautionary measure but a wise investment that helps improve operational efficiency, ensure food safety, and save money in the long term.

Common causes of major problems and malfunctions affecting refrigeration and freezing rooms include:


Refrigeration rooms are super important in lots of places like restaurants, cafes, and butcher shops. But sometimes they can break down. Here's why:

  1. Pipe Blockages: Sometimes, stuff builds up in the pipes, like dirt or gunk, and it stops the cold air from flowing properly.

  2. Gas Leaks: If the cooling gas, like Freon, leaks out because of a broken pipe or valve, it makes the fridge less efficient and uses more power.

  3. Compressor Damage: The compressor breaking down is a common problem. When this happens, the cooling stops working altogether.

  4. Sensor or Control Malfunction: If the sensors that control the temperature inside the room or the automatic systems stop working, it messes up the cooling.

To fix these problems, you need qualified maintenance technicians. They can figure out what's wrong and then do stuff like unclogging pipes, replacing broken parts, or refilling the cooling gas. Plus, regular maintenance keeps things running smoothly.


Here's how to fix some common problems:

Pipe Blockages:

Diagnosis: Check if the cold air isn't flowing right into the room. Fix: Clean the pipes with an air blower or special solvents to get rid of the buildup.

Gas Leaks:

Diagnosis: See if there's a leak by checking the gas levels. Fix: Seal any leaks in the pipes or valves and then refill the gas.

Compressor Damage:

Diagnosis: Listen for weird noises or check if the cooling isn't working. Fix: Sometimes, you gotta replace the compressor with a new one.

Sensor or Control Malfunction:

Diagnosis: Check the electronic devices and connections to see what's not working. Fix: Repair or replace the faulty sensors, or reset the control unit or get a new one.


The essential parts of a refrigeration room and what they do:

  1. Compressor: It sucks in gas from inside and then pressurizes it to make it hotter and more compressed. This helps turn vapor into liquid.

  2. Evaporator: It turns liquid into vapor inside the room, sucking heat from the surroundings and cooling the room.

  3. Condenser: It turns vapor back into liquid by compressing and cooling it. This helps transfer heat from the room to the outside.

  4. Expansion Valve: It controls how much cold liquid flows from the condenser to the evaporator, affecting cooling efficiency and room temperature.

  5. Cooling Fan: It spreads the cold air inside the room evenly, helping with temperature distribution.

These parts work together to keep the room cool. Specialized technicians from our company can keep them maintained and make sure they work right.


Appropriate temperatures for refrigeration and freezing rooms:

The right temperatures depend on what's stored and used in these rooms:

  • Restaurant Kitchens and Hotels: Usually between 0 to 4 degrees Celsius. Used for keeping fresh food like meat, fish, and veggies.

  • Butcher Shops and Bakeries: Usually between -15 to -18 degrees Celsius. Used for freezing meat, other products, and storing baked goods.

  • Large Warehouses and Cold Stores: Usually between -20 to -30 degrees Celsius. Used for storing frozen foods and products that need intense cooling.


The difference between refrigeration and freezing rooms:

Refrigeration rooms are for storing food and products at temperatures ranging from positive to negative Celsius, allowing items to be stored for long periods without spoiling.

Freezing rooms, on the other hand, are for freezing food and products at negative Celsius temperatures, much colder than refrigeration rooms, allowing for quick freezing and maintaining quality.


Here are some really important tips for taking care of your refrigeration and freezing rooms:

  1. Clean Regularly: Make sure to clean your refrigeration room often. Use the right cleaning stuff and make sure everything's dry after cleaning.

  2. Check Filters and Coils: Keep an eye on your cooling filters and coils. Clean them regularly to make sure the air flows properly.

  3. Temperature Control: Check that the temperature in your refrigeration room is set right for the food you're storing.

  4. Inspect for Leaks: Check all the connections and hoses for any leaks regularly.

  5. Keep Airflow Clear: Clean air vents and exits regularly for good airflow.

  6. Seal Doors Properly: Make sure the doors seal tight to keep the inside temperature steady.

  7. Prevent Frost Build-Up: Watch out for frost build-up in the evaporator and defrost it regularly to save energy.

  8. Cover Food Properly: Keep your food covered properly to avoid contamination and spoilage.

  9. Check Temperature Controls: Regularly check temperature measurement devices to make sure they're working right.

  10. Drainage: Regularly empty and clean drainage boxes to prevent water build-up.

  11. Organize Storage: Store food neatly to make it easy to find and avoid losing stuff.

  12. Use Proper Packaging: Use the right packaging to store food and reduce contamination.

  13. Rotate Food Regularly: Use food before it expires by regularly rotating it.

  14. Minimize Door Openings: Try not to keep the door open too long to avoid temperature fluctuations.

  15. Train Staff: Train your staff on how to use and maintain the refrigeration room properly.

  16. Schedule Maintenance: Regularly schedule maintenance with qualified technicians to ensure efficient cooling and check all parts and systems' safety.

The importance of rapid response in the event of refrigeration and freezing room failure lies in several key points

Quick response to refrigeration room problems from maintenance companies is super important to keep things running smoothly and food stored properly. Fast intervention can reduce repair costs and downtime, preventing equipment damage and food spoilage. Ultimately, quick responses are an essential investment in maintaining efficient cooling and ensuring the safety of stored goods, helping to minimize losses.

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