Overview of Al-Wessam Company and its services provided in the United Arab Emirates

Alwessam Company, established over 15 years ago in the UAE, began its operations in the Emirate of Sharjah before expanding to other Emirates.

Since its inception, Alwessam has focused on reaching the largest number of customers by satisfying them and resolving all their faults and problems with expertise, competitive fees, and professionalism in repairing household electrical appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, gas and electric ovens, cooking appliances, dryers, microwaves, heaters, and many more devices and tools used continuously in our daily lives.

Expanding beyond residential services, we enlarged our workforce and added expertise to cover faults within restaurants in Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

After gaining the trust of our customers, we introduced annual and monthly contracts for restaurants to ease the burden on owners of restaurants, cafes, and hotels. Through these contracts, we provide continuous periodic maintenance for all electrical appliances, including refrigerators, cooling rooms, cooking appliances, and general restaurant equipment such as juicers, ice makers, blenders, coffee machines, preparation appliances, stone ovens, and much more.

This approach minimizes costs and prevents sudden breakdowns that could halt production, ensuring product quality.

Most of our maintenance work can be carried out on-site, thanks to our extensive experience and the modern devices and tools available to us, saving customers logistical costs for transportation.

With our long experience and ongoing communication with suppliers, agents, and manufacturers of the most important and largest global brands of household electrical appliances, we can provide all the spare parts our customers need at the best prices and highest quality.

When you contact Alwessam Company and communicate with our specialized technician, we provide you with direct consultation through various communication channels. After understanding your problem, we offer you approximate estimates for the work needed. Then, we send the appropriate technician to examine your device and provide you with all the necessary information for you to make an informed decision. Upon your approval, the technician secures the necessary genuine spare parts and proceeds to repair the fault. After completing the repair, we provide you with a comprehensive report on the repair process, the replaced spare parts, appropriate warranties, and offer tips on proper device usage and maintenance to prevent future issues. Additionally, our customer service team follows up to confirm the technician's performance and address any feedback you may have.

Repair and Maintenance
Company Benefits

Advantages of Al-Wessam Repairing Services:

Leading Repairing Services: Al-Wessam Repairing Services stands out as a premier company in the field of repairing electrical appliances in the United Arab Emirates. The team is known for its efficiency and expertise in delivering top-notch repair services to customers.

Home Appliance Repair Services:

Oven and Refrigerator Repair:

Al-Wessam provides specialized repair services for ovens and refrigerators, ensuring meticulous attention to technical details to guarantee excellent performance and prolonged device lifespan.

Washing Machine and Dryer Repair:

The repair team focuses on precise examination and repair of faults in washing machines and dryers, offering effective solutions to technical problems.

Household Electrical Appliance Repairs:

The company offers comprehensive repair services for a wide range of household electrical appliances, including televisions, audio devices, and electronics.

Small Electrical Appliance Repair:

Al-Wessam places importance on attention to detail in the repair of small electrical appliances, emphasizing the provision of permanent and effective solutions.

Utilization of Latest Technologies and Tools:

Al-Wessam Repairing Services utilizes the latest technologies and tools in its repair operations, with a commitment to using genuine spare parts and effective materials.

24/7 Repair Service:

The company offers round-the-clock repair services, ensuring that customer needs are met at any time they require assistance.

Ideal Partner for Appliance Repairs:

Al-Wessam Repairing Services is considered the perfect partner for maintaining the high efficiency of household appliances and ensuring customer satisfaction through expert repairs.

In summary, Al-Wessam Repairing Services is a leading name in providing top-notch repair services for various electrical appliances. The team's efficiency, attention to detail, use of advanced technologies, and 24/7 service make it an ideal choice for customers seeking expert repairs to maintain the optimal performance of their household devices.

Repairing Services
Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

Some Questions That Customers Might Have Before Dealing with us

Do I need to provide spare parts for the maintenance process?

No need to worry; our team comes equipped with all the necessary spare parts and tools for maintenance. We ensure to provide everything needed to efficiently repair appliances.

What is the cost of maintenance services?

The cost of maintenance depends on the type of device and the scope of work required. Feel free to contact us for an accurate estimate based on your needs.

Is there a warranty on maintenance services?

Yes, Al-Wessam Repairing Services provides a warranty on the services offered. You can rest assured that maintenance is carried out with high professionalism and a guarantee of quality.

Can I get immediate service in case of emergencies?

Yes, Al-Wessam Repairing Services offers immediate services in emergency cases. You can contact us anytime you need urgent maintenance.

How can I protect my devices from future damage?

The maintenance team provides advice on how to properly care for devices to avoid future damage. This includes providing guidance on regular maintenance and safe operation.

Can I perform some maintenance tasks myself?

Certainly, you can handle some simple maintenance tasks yourself, but it's always recommended to consult with the professional team for dealing with more complex issues and ensuring the safety of your devices.

Do you offer regular maintenance contracts?

Yes, Al-Wessam Repairing Services offers regular maintenance contracts for customers who wish to keep their devices in top condition. These contracts include periodic inspections and preventive maintenance.

What is the response time for the team to arrive on-site after contact?

The response time depends on the location and situation, but in general, we strive to provide fast and efficient service. The team will provide an approximate time estimate when you contact us.

Can I get technical consultation over the phone?

Yes, you can get technical consultation over the phone from our maintenance team. The team is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the maintenance of household electrical appliances.

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